Putrid Clothes? Don't Panic - Here's What to do about Smelly Washing Machines


Does your laundry come out of the washing machine smelling worse than when it went in? Don't panic, you're not alone! Smelly washing machines are a common issue that many people face. But before you start throwing out all your clothes and calling for washing machine repair or washer dryer repair, there are some simple solutions you can try. In this blog post, we'll explore the causes of smelly washing machines and share some tips on how to combat the odour and keep your laundry smelling fresh.

Unravelling the Mystery - What Makes a Washing Machine Smelly?

Let's put on our detective hats and delve into the enigma that is your smelly washing machine. The foul odour that hits your nostrils is typically an unwelcome gift from bacteria or mould. Picture this - your washing machine drum: dark, damp, and cosy, isn't it? Well, these organisms think so too. It's their ideal holiday spot and they're quick to set up camp, especially if you don't regularly clean your washing machine.

Bacteria and mould are not the most courteous of guests. They leave behind a nasty musty smell, somewhat akin to damp and stale clothes. To add insult to injury, this pungent aroma can latch onto your clothes, leaving them smelling less than fresh, despite a recent wash. What's more, these unwelcome squatters don't stop at causing a stink. Their presence can lead to unsightly stains on your clothes and potentially wreak havoc on the internal components of your washing machine. And as we know, that could lead to a rather hefty repair bill.

In essence, an unpleasant odour from your washing machine is usually a cry for help. It's your machine's way of telling you that it's become a breeding ground for bacteria or mould. But worry not, you've already taken the first step towards addressing this issue - understanding what causes it. From here, you're better equipped to fight the good fight against those pesky, smelly culprits and reclaim the freshness of your clothes. Stay tuned to find out how.

No Stone Unturned – Where to Check for the Smell?

Setting forth on our odour-eradicating mission, we must first seek out the source of this nasal nuisance. Common places for the scent to lurk are in the drum, detergent drawer, door seal, or drain hose of your washing machine. These are the hotspots that need your careful inspection. A forgotten sock or piece of debris caught up in the drum's embrace could well be causing the foul smell.

Have you ever noticed residue in the detergent drawer? Over time, leftover detergent or fabric conditioner can build up and serve as a grand banquet for bacteria. So, take a closer look next time and ensure to give it a good clean.

And, let's not forget the door seal. It can be a sneaky harbour for wayward clothing items, helping create a still pool of water that mould just loves to call home. Similarly, the drain hose can become an unwitting accomplice in creating that stagnant water pool. Unbeknown to us, small articles of clothing may lurk within, hindering the water flow and creating an odorous issue.

In the battle against unpleasant smells, we must remain vigilant and pay attention to these unsuspecting places. So, roll up your sleeves and let the sniffing expedition commence!

A Proactive Approach - Preventive Measures for Odour

Nipping this odorous issue in the bud is always the best course of action. But how do you achieve this? Regular maintenance of your beloved washing machine is your golden ticket. Picture the relief of opening your washing machine door to be greeted by a fresh, clean smell every time.

Don't let damp, wet clothes languish in the drum after a wash cycle. This serves as an open invitation for bacteria to throw a stink party. Swiftly remove your clothes from the washing machine after the wash cycle to avoid creating a damp breeding ground for bacteria.

Post wash, leaving the washing machine door slightly open allows for better air circulation, leading to a drier and less hospitable environment for bacteria and mould. Whilst this might sound counter-intuitive, especially for those with curious toddlers or pets, it's a simple yet powerful tip that could keep odours at bay.

Turn your attention to the detergent drawer, drum, and door seal from time to time. A buildup of dirt and bacteria here can often go unnoticed, setting the stage for unpleasant smells. Regular cleaning of these hotspots can halt the bacteria in their tracks, keeping your machine fresh and clean.

In a nutshell, the key to keeping odours away is a routine check and clean of your washing machine. Simple steps, when performed regularly, can keep your machine smelling fresh and your clothes free from unwanted odours. So, make these easy yet effective preventive measures a part of your washing routine and wave goodbye to smelly washing woes. A fresh, clean laundry experience awaits you!

Rolling Up Your Sleeves – Effective Cleaning Techniques

Right then, time to get stuck in and give that pongy washing machine a proper scrub down! Starting with the detergent drawer, drum, and door seal, take a soft brush and get scrubbing with a solution of hot water and vinegar. It might require a bit of elbow grease, but it's worth it, trust me.

Now, we’re not done just yet. Next, you're going to want to fill the machine with the hottest water setting possible. This is the time to run a hot wash cycle. But rather than using your regular detergent, try a specialist washing machine cleaner or, if you're looking for a more natural alternative, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. These are great for neutralising any lingering smells, and they’re also rather good at getting rid of any build-up of grime.

Make sure you're not putting any clothes in at this point though – this is a deep clean for your washing machine, not your favourite shirt. The hot water mixed with the washing machine cleaner or the white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda combination will clean and sanitise the drum, hopefully eliminating any nasty smells.

Now, one thing to remember is that a one-time scrub down, whilst beneficial, isn't always enough to keep those smells at bay for good. Making this deep cleaning routine a regular part of your household chores can ensure your washing machine remains a stench-free zone. It's like giving your washing machine a spa day; just think of how good it'll feel afterwards!

And remember, you're not only working towards a fresher smell but also prolonging the life of your machine and ensuring your clothes are properly cleaned. So don your gloves, grab that brush, and show your washing machine some much-needed love! The reward will be a fresh-smelling machine ready to leave your clothes smelling just as they should - clean and fresh!

Seeking Help – When to Call in the Professionals?

There may come a time when, despite a thorough scrubbing and plenty of elbow grease, that stubborn odour refuses to budge. This lingering smell could be a red flag pointing towards a more serious issue such as a blocked drain pipe or a compromised seal. When you've exhausted your DIY odour-fighting strategies, it's time to turn to the experts. Fear not, you're not admitting defeat, but rather opting for a strategic alliance.

Professional appliance repair technicians have the right expertise and equipment to diagnose the root cause of your smelly situation and fix it efficiently. They can dig deeper into the mechanical components of your washing machine and identify issues that may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye.

From thoroughly cleaning a blocked pipe to replacing a faulty seal, these experts can handle it all, restoring your washing machine back to its fresh and clean state. Not only that, they can also provide invaluable advice and tips on how to avoid recurrence of such odorous issues in the future.

Enlisting professional help not only alleviates the immediate problem, but also saves you time and potentially expensive repairs down the line. If you've reached the end of your odour-eradicating tether, remember, there's no shame in calling in the cavalry. After all, nothing beats the reassurance of knowing your washing machine has been given a thorough once-over by a trained professional. So, pick up the phone and give ELSERVE your local home appliance repair service a call, and say goodbye to your washing machine woes for good!


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