This is very difficult to estimate in advance, considering the average cost of a new appliance and our reasonable fixed rate pricing we will recommend you book a visit with one of our experts. Our engineer will diagnose the issue and you will be given a detailed quote for your repair. Whatever the outcome, it will save you money

- This is not recommended. However, there are some basic issues related to common maintenance and servicing where you could take care of yourself: cleaning your dish washer spray arms, filters, cabinet, checking your washing machine drain filter, cleaning your dryer lint filters. These should be easy to do by yourself

- Please bear in mind that you should be undertaking repairs only if you are properly trained and well aware what you are doing. Badly done repair may lead to further appliance faults and also may cause property damage, e.g., flood, mechanical or electrical damage

The general answer is yes unless your machine is an import (imported by you) and not manufactured for the UK market. Otherwise, there should be spare parts available for your machine. Please note, if your machine was imported by you from any other country, e.g., USA or Europe parts will be very difficult or impossible to source due to model coding

That will depend on the make of the unit as most manufacturers stock parts for their models up to 10 years after the model has been discontinued.

We do cover most of the manufacturers present in the UK. For more details please check <a href="/makes/">our website section</a>

No, our charges are fixed and not relevant to the time spent on site.

No, we have a fixed rate charge for the repair which we will inform you of in advance. If we complete the repair on our first visit, you pay our diagnostic plus labour fees and any parts fitted (if needed). If we need part that is not in our van, you pay inspection charge and on our subsequent visit you pay the labour charge. If, for some reasons, we need additional visit to complete your job, we will not charge you additional fees

- If the parts required are not in stock with us, you will be quoted over the phone after the inspection visit. If you agree with the part price and estimated part arrival date, we will collect payment for the part only so that we may proceed with the order

- If the part required is in our van, our engineer will advise you on the cost and will proceed with the repair upon your approval

Yes, all our employees are DBS checked

Yes, all our engineers are fully trained and capable to conduct the repairs booked for them

We have full access to all manufacturer’s databases, latest updates and service info to complete our service commitment to you

All Elserve field technicians are our employees and represent the company core values conducting the work undertaken to the highest standards

Yes, our engineer will show a Photo ID Badge to prove their identity before entering your home

Yes, you will receive a phone call about 30 minutes before arrival so you are aware and can plan your day as per your schedule

Yes, our operators will ask for your assistance with parking as you are aware of the local parking rules and you are in position to help

Yes, our operators will request help from you as your council will issue visitors permit in your name regardless your driving ability or vehicle ownership

Yes, we do stock a certain updated and daily monitored volume of parts that we use on our routine everyday jobs

If you have access to the appliance socket, the best thing to do is stop the power and book a visit with a qualified engineer. It is not recommended to attempt opening the door as if the water level is above the door seal board, you will be flooded. Leaving the machine switched on may result in further appliance or property damage

The best thing to do is take a short video showing the nature of the noise and request a quote from us via our web site. There you can upload the video so our experts can provide initial diagnosis

This is absolutely normal. Last rinse cycles are done with cold water only. This may lead to confusion during wintertime as clothes feel colder than usual

The lint and fluff left on your laundry come from a previous wash of extra fluffy items. The only way to resolve that is to do several empty wash-rinse cycles to clean your drum. There is no technical fault with the appliance

It is normal for an oven door to get hot when in use. The temp levels will depend on the cooling system of your appliance and the door glass design. Some top models have four glass panelled doors and this is keeping the front panel at reasonably low temp levels.

It’s difficult to judge oven temp levels by the readings taken from a non calibrated thermometer. Our best advise is to check the quality of the food you are cooking. If the food is not over or under cooked, its very unlikely you have a technical issue

This is a normal phenomenon. Induction hobs are sensitive to the size of the pots and the quality of the material they are made of. Please try using your hob with a different range of pans or pots marked for use with induction hobs

You should not worry about that; those noises are completely normal and are not a technical issue

Please check if your cups or trays have metal on them and if not, please stop using the Microwave and call a qualified appliance engineer to help

Please make sure that you have selected the right programme setting and power level. The door should be properly shut. If the appliance is still not starting or heating, please consult with qualified engineer

- Please make sure clothes were properly spun before drying them. This will take a lot of water so the dryer cycle is efficient afterwards
- Please make sure you have selected a suitable dryer program cycle
- Please check your laundry load. You should never dry cottons with mixed fabrics
- Please check if your condenser unit and lint filters are clean
- Please make sure the appliance is well ventilated

- It is essential to check if your fridge or freezer is installed according to the manufacturer instructions
- Please make sure your thermostat is on the right setting
- If you believe the problem is persistent, please book inspection with our qualified engineers

Please record a video showing the type of noise and request a quote via our web portal. Please upload the file so we assess the problem and Help you with a visit

- Please make sure all filters and spray arms are clean
- Please make sure that your dishwasher is loaded with regeneration salt and rinse aid. This is regardless the all-in-one tablets you may use
- Please make sure you are using the correct program cycle
- Please make sure your dishes and glasses are properly arranged and spray arms are freely spinning

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