Terms and Conditions

1.   Appliance Call-Outs and Repairs
1.1 ELSERVE charges a fixed fee covering you for the cost of evaluation of the appliance problem, and labour. This fee includes however many times the technician needs to visit to repair the appliance. The repair focus will be based on your given description of the fault.

1.2 Any appliance spare parts will be charged to you separately (unless we state otherwise).
1.3 ELSERVE can repair most home appliances. However, our ability to repair the appliances depends on the brand, appliance type, age and model as this affects whether or not we can repair the issue promptly and/or source spare parts. Note that once an appliance is no longer manufactured, replacement spares are only sold for a limited period.
1.4 ELSERVE requires payment before or on the day of your technician’s visit. We accept debit or credit card payments.
1.5 If we need to order spare parts for your repair our operators will ask for a payment (of parts cost) before placing an order. Should you have paid for a spare part but it is not needed, you will be refunded.
1.6 Special order spare parts will not be refunded as we are unable to return these to our suppliers as they have been ordered especially for you on a non-refundable basis and are not commonly required parts. Return of spare parts that are agreed to return will incur a 50% minimum return to stock charge as this is chargeable to us by our suppliers.
1.7 ELSERVE’s technician will visit you on the agreed upon date and time to repair your appliance. If any required spare parts aren’t available, they will then be ordered and could take up to 4 business days for arrival. Some parts need to be ordered from abroad, which can take longer. When the parts are available, ELSERVE will contact you to organize installation.
1.8 ELSERVE always does its best to keep appointment times. Occasionally, however, we may not be able to attend the repair but you will be informed as soon as possible for rescheduling.
1.9 ELSERVE does not repair commercial appliances, but we do repair domestic appliances in commercial settings. In these instances, we do not offer a guarantee on repairs.
1.10 ELSERVE does not accept liability for any losses incurred before, during, or after carrying out repairs. This includes, but is not limited to; water damage, food loss or laundry costs.
1.11 If you wish ELSERVE to repair more than one appliance, you will be charged an additional fee.
1.12 Free parking or a valid permit to park must be provided to ELSERVE’s technician at the time of repair. If this is not the case, we may have to reschedule the appointment if our engineer is unable to find a parking space on the day of your visit.
1.13 If your appliance requires more than one technician, you may be charged an additional labour fee.
1.14 ELSERVE reserves the right to refuse installation of spare parts not sourced by ourselves, or our representatives.

2.The ELSERVE Field Service Team
2.1 A trained ELSERVE technician will always attend your repair. Our technicians are our employees and are responsible for any damage caused through personal negligence.

3. Issues that could arise during the repair process
3.1 If we cannot source spare parts for your appliance, you will still be charged our standard diagnostic charge as your appliance was professionally assessed and you were duly advised what the issue is

3.2 If your appliance is not fully accessible, ELSERVE will not charge an extra fee, you will be advised to call an installer for help and rebook the visit once we are able to assess your appliance
3.3 ELSERVE reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of £20.00 should you cancel less than 2 hours before the visit
3.4 It is your responsibility to ensure that the working environment for our technicians is safe and secure
3.5 Should we not receive payment after services rendered, we reserve the right to use our own debt management companies to collect the monies owed

4. Guarantee period
4.1 All repairs carried out by ELSERVE are guaranteed for 6 months, parts and labour included. This guarantee does not cover future breakdowns of the appliance. The guarantee becomes void if the appliance is repaired or spare parts installed by anyone other than ELSERVE

4.2 Excluded from our guarantee are
4.1.1 repairs where we fitted door handles and knobs
4.1.2 damage caused by negligence or accident

5. Contacting ELSERVE or making a complaint
5.1. We welcome any and all communication from customers. Should you have a question or complaint, please contact us at: customersupport@elserve.co.uk, or call us at 020 8175 6699

6. Use of ELSERVE’s website
6.1. Any information contained on ELSERVE’s website is ELSERVE’s intellectual property and may not be used for commercial purposes by other parties.
6.2. You can:
6.2.1. Visit any part of our website
6.2.2. Print content for personal use
6.3. You may not:

6.3.1. Copy or print ELSERVE’s website content for distribution or commercial purposes.
6.3.2. Remove ELSERVE’s logo when printing off content from our website

7. General Disclaimer
7.1. ELSERVE does its utmost to ensure that any and all information contained on our website is accurate, factual and contains no errors

8. Amending these Terms & Conditions
8.1. ELSERVE reserves the right to change our terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Any changes made come into effect once published on our website. When making a call-out booking, you are bound by these terms and conditions. 

9. Data Protection
9.1. ELSERVE uses your personal information for operational, customer service and business improvement purposes only.

9.2. ELSERVE may use your personal information to contact you about offers or specials. You may opt out at any time

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