Our mission

Providing London with fast and cost-effective appliance repair service you thought was non-existent


We are a team of qualified appliance repair professionals on a mission to transform the way London decides what to do with their faulty appliances. The convenience that modern appliances bring is unquestionable. But like any other technology from the 21st century, there are days when the appliances we depend on to make life easier shut down at the most inconvenient of times. We are here to give you all the information you need so you can make the most convenient, hassle-free, and cost-effective decision when your appliance fails to serve its purpose.


The problem we’ve seen is that people are afraid to think about what they will do when an appliance suddenly breaks down. And the root of this idea comes from the stressful and frustrating experience people get when they finally need an appliance repaired or replaced. Our mission is to replace this dreadful ordeal with an experience that is less confusing so you can make the smart decision. And with ELSERVE, there are only two outcomes: 

  • Get your appliance assessed and repaired by qualified professionals as quickly as possible
  • Replace your faulty appliance with a new one, knowing that you have made the more cost-effective decision because you’ve received all the information you need

Why do we want to provide you with an honest assessment first?


  • A good ⅔ of all repairs is done without needing to replace a single part. Knowing this will allow you the chance to get your appliance repaired for a reasonable cost rather than having to spend hard-earned money to buy a new one
  • A whopping ¾ of all repairs are completed on the first visit. You might not know it but you could have your appliance repaired and ready to operate the same day it called in to have it checked!
  • We want to remove all the worry from your head that a chain of repairs is needed because more problems reveal themselves. This only accounts for about 4% of consultations, which means it’s less likely that yours needs more than one
  • Our fourth reason is the planet. The manufacturing of a new appliance involves the use of materials and machinery that adds to the overall carbon footprint damaging the environment. Before you make the decision of replacing a faulty appliance, we want to honestly assess if you have the choice to make the environmentally friendly choice


At ELSERVE, four quick and easy steps are all that you’ll need to follow

  • Report the issue by requesting a free quote from our website
  • Receive a quick, free, and no obligation quote for the repair
  • Book a call-out whenever it is most convenient for you
  • Your appliance is repaired and ready to operate again


Gone are the days when you have to wait for weeks before someone gets back to you for a schedule. At the end of each interaction, we want you to remember ELSERVE as the team who provided you with a fast and cost-effective appliance repair you thought was non-existent

Looking for a fast and reliable appliance repair service?